It all started with my favorite purse

This whole entire be your own boss thing started all because my favorite bag lost it's will to be a functional bag. I had to go search the mall for something that suited me. At that time the choices were either too small or really big with a zillion pockets. I was left with only one choice, to somehow make my own bag. I had done a bit of sewing in my teen years; trying to make clothing but I had never made a bag before. Somehow I managed to create something that actually held together and could hold things. Surprisingly, people were soon stopping me to ask where I got it from. From then on I worked hard at starting my own business Gothic Creations.
Over the years both my items and my style have changed which lead me to rebranding as Rain Girl Designs in 2014. My product line has certainly grown and changed over the years from purses and handbags to covers for ipad, kindle, nook and kobo. I even had some detours into selling other types of crafted items but it was always sewing that I returned to in the end. What has stayed the same, through the years and different products, is my desire to present that best quality handmade items that I can make. I believe great fabrics and a good eye on quality workmanship is key to this endeavor.
By looking at my shop you can probably tell that I have a passion for fabric. I am happy to work in all styles and colors of fabric. I do have some fabrics that catch my attention more than others like tartan wools.
All items are made by me in my home studio/office in the Pacific Northwest. After they are made I do all the rest of the work from the photography to getting them shipped out to you the buyer. I can also be found at