The Scrap Challenge

Time is just flying by and is it me or does there seem to be fewer hours in the day? Probably just me. I've been trying to work hard on new items and challenge myself recently. One of my challenges is to deal with my scrap fabrics. The other thing I have really been struggling with is lack of inspiration or maybe I just have too much of it. That might be another blog post in itself.

Scrap fabrics

Over the years one of the things I have always struggled with was what to do with my scraps of fabric. They are great fabrics but to small to be used on their own for anything. I collect them and put them in one of those big carboard bankers boxes. My box of scraps was starting to move from one box to two so I knew I had to do something better than stuffing it in a box to forget about it. I spent the better part of one evening sorting all my scraps out by color and putting them in gallon ziploc bags. I'm going to try to use them up by making unique items out of them. Each item will be one of a kind because of the entire scrappy look and that fact that sometimes I only had that one scrap piece.

Sewing patchwork on to a solid base fabric. This provides stability to the patchwork

A patchwork panel for an iPad sleeve

Sleeves waiting for final assembly. The foam interlining that I use for my tech sleeves isn't show in this picture. I was just matching zippers with exteriors

Last weekend I got some new fabrics to work with. I've made it my goal this year to really try and sew from my current stash because I do have a bit of a fabric addiction. I did need to get some twill and ticking fabrics so of course I got some fun cotton prints as well. I got a great pink ticking and a fun aqua twill to use one something. I picked up some fabulous fabrics from Tula Pink and Cotton + Steel. I, of course, love the pattern and garment sewing fabric and for some reason the mens shoes.

Top: Riley Blake Designs

Middle and Bottom: Tula PInk fabrics. I love that color way of Chipper

Various other fabrics

A selection of cool Cotton + Steel fabrics

Ticking, twill, and denim are all great fabric both for ulitity and style