Studio Tour

Studio Tour

I admit it I often look at blog posts that show inside the workspaces of various creative individuals and I wish mine would look like that. They always seem to be these light filled, airy spaces that are strangely free of clutter. I'm half convinced that behind the photogrpaher is the big stack of random junk they don't want us to see. Today, I thought I'd show you what my studio looks like. I only moved a few bags and boxes out of the way. Follow me on Instagram if you like seeing behind the scene type photos as I tend to post them there.



The most important items in my sewing room are my sewing machines. The one on the left is a Singer 206k. It was the first sewing machine that had a built in zig-zag feature. I mostly use this machine for lighter weight sewing. The main workhorse in my little empire is my Brother sewing machine, shown on the right. It is an industrial sewing machine that can stitch just about anything.

Fabric plays a key role in my daily work of course. I like a lot of variety so I tend to buy smaller amounts of various prints. To keep them organized I fold them and put them in dressers. Each drawer is usually organized by theme. Wool Fabrics are so bulky I have them neatly folded and sorted on open shelving

My computer and printers are extremely important. Nothing too fancy here; just a Mac desktop and a basic epson all in one printer. I also have a Dymo label printer for printing out postage labels. Next to my desk and on the wall behind the door I have pegs that I can hang various completed bags. Many of my completed items are stored in rubber maid totes and on a book shelf outside in the hallway.


It's not a very big room but I make do with that space I have. It is a lot of furniture and storage crammed into every available space. As you can see my work surfaces are not imaculately cleaned off. I, often, have creative stacks of clutter that I have to move.