Sew Retro Machines

October 19, 2016

I haven't been posting on social medai much these days and when I have you might have noticed that most of it has been showing off different vintage sewing machines. I've been a big fan of mechanical sewing machines for a number of years. Their reliability cannot be beat plus look at the styles from classic gold decals on black to cream and lavender to solid grey.

For the last month I have pretty much been working on custom orders while also diving into vintage sewing machine repair, maintance, and so on. I really enjoy bringing back a machine that has set in some musty basement or shed and making it usable again if not pretty.

The bottom two machines: the Majestic and the Singer 328k were machines I cleaned up and/or repaired. The Majestic was in a sorry state: missing it's cover plate, in a cabinet that had seen better days, bad electrics, and generally dirty. The grey Singer had been covered in nicotine smoke stains. Both machines are now looking great and I hope to do that same for that pretty Lavender and Cream Kenmore model 51 up the corner. I started a blog about the vintage sewing machines and if you like you can check out at Sew Retro Machine to see before and afters. I'm trying to get better at photographing things as I work on them. More posts will be added.

Starting, Friday I will be back to my regular sewing. Due to my personal schedule, I will probably not be able to work on many custom projects until the new year. I have got to get my shop in tip top shape for the holidays.