Quilt Retreat

images from Port Gamble and Poulsbo WA

I went on a quilt retreat this past weekend. It was wonderful being able to get away. The last few weeks have been stressful for me. I had started a new job that sounded great for me, on paper, but the reality was that it wasn't a good match for my personality. In some ways I was happy to quit but it was and is still something stressful. I had had this retreat planned since fall 2016.

It was on the Kitsap Peninsula. I went to two quilt shops: The Quilt Shoppe in Poulsbo and The Quilted Strait in Port Gamble.

The red phone booth is in Poulsbo which is even more perplexing as the town has a Scandinavian theme going on. Their quilt shop is located in the bottom floor of an old apartment building. The owner has an interesting mix of fabrics with plenty of reproductions. She has some Viking themed fabrics in keeping with the town. I found a couple of Japanese import fabrics and some other fun fabrics.

Port Gamble was once a company town for the Puget Mill Company. In fact a stop into the General Store Cafe will show you the old vault and a safe. It's a quaint town that you can easily walk around on a nice day. Sadly, it was very cold raining when I was there which didn't make for pleasent wandering in and out of shops. There is an old cemetery up on the hill above the quilt shop. If you are there in time for a meal and have some time to spare then get lunch or breakfast at the General Store.

I did go into the Quilted Strait which is located it a building that was once the stables for a hotel. They have a wide range of fabric and threads for embroidery. Even though they have a lot you don't feel like you are jammed in there. There is even a classroom area.


Fabric purchases

One of the two quilt tops I finished while on retreat. see I did do some sewing!