Happy Holidays

Christmas is almost here. It's a time of presents, family, and goodwill. It's also a time that reminds me that the year is about to end and a new calender year will begin. For me it's always a bit of reflection time. 2017 has been a crazy year for me both personally and in business. 2017 is a year where I was forced to make some changes in my life and admit that my business needs some changes.

2018 is going to be a year for new product lines, some retooling of old designs, and some products just wont be available as ready to ship items anymore. I'm really looking forward to making all these great new items. With new items it means some of my old items are either going to be taken apart and made into new or I need to figure out the best way to sell them off. The logistics of it are still in the planning stage. Stay tuned for more details soon.

Happy holidays everyone and may you all have a wonderful new year.