Fall Update

It's already Fall. Hard to believe 2016 has moved so quickly. Not much of an update today. Much of the year I have felt like I was at a crossroads with my business. I'm not entirely sure where I am going. It feels a bit strange admitting that openly to everyone who reads it online. I still love what I do which is sewing and I still love making bags. Lots of thoughts, doubts, and questions enter my mind late at night. I know I am just overthinking every little thing. I need to return to basics which is making what I love and getting it out there to the people who want to buy it. I seem to struggle a lot with that second part.


In slightly related but slightly different news I have found a new passion for working on vintage mechanical sewing machines. I love taking a dirty, grimy, frozen machine and with lots of work making it come back to life. I, even, started a new blog about it Sew Retro Machine. There isn't much on the blog right now since I only started it a few days ago.