Days 8 -15 of the Sewing Challenge

So you might have noticed that I have been very quiet as of late about my sewing challenge. Like so many things in life I started it with excited glee. Then as the days went it lost that sparkle and I got easily distracted by other things in life. I'm not giving up. I'm going to complete my 100 days of sewing only I have decided that change the rules up a bit.

The biggest and only change is that I only have to sew 5 days a week instead of 7. I love sewing and I really can sew 5 days a week but I also enjoy other things like working on the vintage sewing machines. This means that my 100 days will take longer to complete but that is okay. I lost track on if I was at day 86 or 85 or 84. I knew from my listings that I have completed 15 items so 85 it is. My 5 days don't have to be traditional Mon-Friday. My new ends date for 100 days is August 22nd.

Here are the 8 items I made

  1. Acorn and Kraft-Tex (blog post coming soon about Kraft-Tex) Kindle Paperwhite sleeve
  2. Woodland Floral Fold Over Clutch
  3. Patchwork Bears Kindle Paperwhite Sleeve
  4. Asian Flying Geese Kindle 3 Sleeve
  5. Wool and Denim Kindle paperwhite Sleeve (amazon exclusive)
  6. Science Wallet
  7. Asian dolls and Floral Zippered Pouch
  8. Hand Dyed Kraft-Tex Card Holder