Brand New: Embroidered Tarot Bags

Handmade Embroidered Tarot Bags

handmade embroidered drawstring tarot bags by rain girl designs

October is approaching it's middle. Last time I posted I was going to do a social media challenge for myself. Like all 100 day challenges I've set for myself this year it sort of drifted away. Now, this time I can blame some outside factors. I ended up getting a seasonal job for the fall and then I got another part time job a couple weeks ago. So these last two weeks of October are going to be crazy busy for me.

With that said I have found some time to work on brand new designs. I don't have them all completed yet but I am getting there. I present to you drawstring tarot bags. Tarot reading happens to be a hobby of mine. It sounds oh so mysterious. These drawstring bags feature different signs of the zodiac making them great birthday presents. I'm also incorporating other embroidery designs like dragons and fairies. Even if tarot is not your thing drawstring bags are just super useful. You can use them for cosmetics and makeup, small tech gadgets, cords and chargers, and just all sort of small items. With the zodiac ones I am trying to select thread colors that represent that sign so bold oranges for Leo, blues for Aquarius, earthy tones for Capricorn. Eventually I'll have other fabric options both embroidered and not embroidered. I'm trying to work on new items when I have the time.