100 Days of Sewing Challenge

100 Day Sewing Challenge

I am laying down a challenge for myself. You may have heard of other 100 day challenges like a picture a day, drinking water, walk a day, and so on. I'm been struggling for some time now with creativity and getting to my sewing. My challenge is 100 days of sewing and promotion for my business. The rules are as follows

  1. one new item must be made each day. It can be anything or any size
  2. all items must be made from fabric currently on hand. No buying new fabrics. Only expenses allowed are for incidentals like interfacing, thread, or hardware.
  3. each item must be listed available for sale on etsy, website, and/or handmade at amazon that same day as completion
  4. each item must be posted on social media: facebook, instagram, twitter, google+, tumblr once completed and listed for sale
  5. end of the week blog posts on Sunday will showcase that week's items

Start Date March 27, 2017 end date July 5, 2017