100 Day Social Media Challenge

The ticking of time. I don't know about you but 2017 has just flown by. How can it be the end of August already?

Some months ago I had started a 100 day challenge for myself to sew and promote one item every day for 100 days. The first 10 days were great! Then the struggle began. It became easier and easier to let it slide. Custom orders came in and I'd push off my regular sewing to work on those. Slowly, I just lost interest in it at around day 20 or so. I did complete 30 days although not consecutively. Maybe the goal was too high to say I should do both sewing and promotion in 100 days because some days are just not sewing days.


So I looked it up and 100 days from now would be Dec 8th right at a good point in seasonal gift buying. I'm starting a new challenge 100 days of social media. I need to promote my business more and get into a habit of it. Every day for the next 100 days I will commit to using social media to promote business and interact with buyers. It might be showing a new items, new fabrics, works in progress, a new blog post (like today), and whatever else. I wont be numbering my posts with a day 1 of 100. Instead I plan to do a weekly blog post showing the highlights of the previous week. The thing with this challenge is it's small it can be as simple as snapping a pic and sharing. What does that take less than 30 seconds? So you will start seeing me post more on instagram, twitter, tumblr, facebook, pinterest and more. The goal is to get myself out there...well my business at least.